I Know, Write?

154 isnt this the way it always is?


So much information to gather, and boy, do I gather! When it gets to sharing it with others, I blank out sometimes and don’t feel I have just the way to say what you would like to read.  Just write, don’t wait!  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m going to share what I want to and write whenever I feel like something needs to be shared from my pen to paper, from my keyboard to screen, from my mind to yours.


It’s enough.  It’s imperfect.  It’s unfinished.  This will be the platform for my first drafts.  Just Write that story!


Todays:  a picture tells a thousand words and maybe I can write 300 about it


love bears

Love Bears All Things.

Once upon a time, there was a bare naked ice flow, that melted all around.  A ship pulled up and the bear that was finding his way floating on that bit of ice, was tagged, captured, weighed and measured (for health reasons).  The day Barn the Bear escaped this hold of health was the day he truly loved his freedom.  Back to the bank of the ocean melt, he found his way home.


Adventures on the way home include


After the years of surviving life as it is, Bear Barn came across one he wanted to rest with, and so it was.  A shot and a tag, a pup and a full life of gathering, hunting, travel and fighting for the freedom to be a bear in love.  Love bears all things.


More to come…





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