Write That Story

Write that story, the one that is ready to be written.  Write that story, the one that keeps nudging you to pick up a pen to put to paper.  Write that story, the one that wakes you up at night, begging for the keyboard and screen to come to life.  Write that story, if not now, when?


Just write.  Write today.  Write tomorrow.  Write a little.  Write a lot.  Keep on writing.  Write when you feel like it.  Write when you don’t.  Write every which way.  Write with every type of instrument.  Write on every surface.  Just write.

About this writer

One day at a time, I write, all kinds of words, all kinds of ways, using pen and paper, keyboard and screen.

Write THAT Story

Write THAT Story

Writing is like coloring with words The goal of this site is to encourage the writing of that story, the one you know is in you, that wants to be written.  Given some encouragement and practice, the story will come out so others can share in your joy in telling it.  This is my note …

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